• It’s that time of year again. Registration for the 2015 Open is upon us, and CrossFit athletes worldwide are gearing up to prove their fitness. This article aims to provide strategies and suggestions for athletes of any level who are taking on the Open this year. 1) Train through the Open, not for the Open. […]

  • Ease Off the Throttle: Lessons from Pushing Too Hard

    By Mike Tuchscherer | In Powerlifting, Recovery | on January 26, 2015

    What you’re about to read comes from some hard lessons I’ve had to (re)learn this year.  It’s not always easy or fun to write about the times we weren’t successful, or the times we didn’t listen to our own advice.  But it’s important.  There are good lessons to be learned here. I pushed my training […]

  • The weekend of Jan. 10, I had the pleasure of attending the Orange County Throwdown exercising competition in Southern California.  It seems every time I attend a CrossFit competition, people get the impression that I watch in horror when they start doing the lifts, but this weekend was much more than that.  There was some […]

  • The Sport Science of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    By Juggernaut | In Sports Training | on January 18, 2015

    Introduction Jiu Jitsu, more particularly the more combative and competitive branch of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), has become increasingly popular in the U.S. and around the world. While there are many associations, gyms, clubs, coaches, and athletes in this sport, we all have at least one common goal: figuring out the best ways to get […]

  • The Top 5 Deadlift Mistakes to Avoid

    By Amir Fazeli | In Deadlift, Powerlifting | on January 15, 2015

    Niels Bohr said an expert is someone who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a narrow field. I am certainly not saying I am an expert, but I do think I have made a lot of mistakes and gone through a ton of frustration with my deadlift through the years since […]

  • 5 Mobility Rules of Thumb, Part 1

    By Dr. Quinn Henoch | In Mobility | on January 14, 2015

    These days, “mobility” work seems as popular as actually improving strength and athleticism.  There are many schools of thought and various techniques as to how to improve mobility.  However, there are some things that should be universal no matter who you follow or what methods you use.  We shall call them “Mobility Rules Of Thumb.” […]

  • Win More with Smart Sport Periodization

    By James Hoffman | In Sports Training | on January 13, 2015

    The term periodization gets thrown around pretty fast and loose these days. There seem to be a lot of different definitions and types of periodization concepts. The problem is that virtually all of these arguments are largely semantical and usually refer to much the same thing. What I so eloquently tell my students is that […]

  • 1. Know When To Compete Trying to figure out when to sign up for your first weightlifting competition can be a confusing thing. Many are faced with the unknown and begin to question their abilities. Often times, the inner voice says things like, “I’m not ready. I’ll embarrass myself. I don’t know how a weightlifting competition […]

  • The Taxonomical Disorder of Recovery

    By Antonio Robustelli | In Recovery | on January 11, 2015

    Recovery is a fascinating subject, and like all the things that have a special charm, it is still surrounded today by an aura of misunderstanding as if it were something difficult and mysterious. Indeed, talking today about the management of recovery process means talking about success; the knowledge of the contribution of optimal recovery in […]

  • Wisdom for the Young Gorilla – The Bench Press

    By Blaine Sumner | In Bench, Powerlifting | on January 8, 2015

    In Part 1 of this three-part series, I talked about the things I would have told my younger gorilla self about the squat. Part 2 continues on with the bench press. The bench press is certainly the most practiced lift in America, so you might as well be good at it because everyone wants to […]

  • One of the most common questions I receive in regards to powerlifting, is “How do you train with 600-800 pounds and then squat mid-900s in a meet?” This idea of training submaximally and achieving excellence on the platform is one of the things in my lifting that I’m most proud of and something I think […]

  • Calling All Rookies

    By Reena Tenorio | In Crossfit Training, Olympic Weightlifting | on January 6, 2015

    Let me start off by stating this: I am a beginner weightlifter. With only 16 months of weightlifting under my belt, I am very much a rookie in this sport. I jumped into competitions early in my career and sometimes forget that I have limited experience. At this year’s American Open Championships, I lifted in […]

  • Over the course of my weightlifting career, I have heard just about everything imaginable when it comes to designing training plans. “Overtraining is a myth.” “It is better to be undertrained than overtrained.” “It’s all about pushing yourself through the pain!” “Less is more!” Sound familiar? The interesting thing is that these are all direct […]

  • Do You Have the Courage to be Great?

    By Chad Smith | In Mentality, Powerlifting, Training | on January 4, 2015

    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not one for ra-ra, motivation and inspiration; it’s just not my personality and I’ve never felt I needed somebody else to motivate me personally. So with that said, know that for me to write this means that I think it is REALLY important. Recently, I had the opportunity […]

  • Learning the snatch and clean & jerk is the pursuit of a true craft. Every athlete who has competed in weightlifting and every coach of the sport knows this. Nothing improves the lifts better than practicing the lifts, plain and simple. The complexity of the movements demand a ton of practice with challenging weight and […]

  • Strong360 Podcast-Australia, Part Deux

    By Juggernaut | In Powerlifting, STRONG360 | on December 31, 2014

    The guys finish off the discussion of their time in Australia competing at GPA Worlds. Listen up and figure out what that crazy picture above is. Listen Now Get It On iTunes

  • 1. The Best Damn Squat Mobility Article, Period. The title says it all.  The most-read article of the year, and one that’s absolutely crucial for all weightlifters, powerlifters, and CrossFitters to read. 2. 5 Questions with Alex Viada No one on the planet has the same combination of strength and endurance Alex does.  In this […]

  • Fitness Choices and Tradeoffs

    By Michael Israetel | In Mentality | on December 29, 2014

    His form is TERRIBLE! Why won’t you say something? When I’m with my friends – especially when on vacation – the workout is serious during the sets, but between sets, we do a little goofing-off and joking. One of our favorite pastimes is to watch other people work out and usually laugh at some of […]

  • The Lightning Fitness Couples Challenge is a highly anticipated couples competition (Strongman) on the East Coast. Matt Mills, owner of Lightning Fitness (Windsor, CT) has promoted this competition for three years.  You may also know Mills as a sponsored Lift Big Eat Big athlete, top level Strongman, and Vin Diesel lookalike. I had the privilege […]

  • Strong360 Podcast-Australia Part 1

    By Juggernaut | In Powerlifting, STRONG360 | on December 26, 2014

    Chad and Brandon are joined by Dr. Mike Israetel (and some technical difficulties) to recap their experience in Sydney, Australia for GPA World Championships. Listen Now Get it on iTunes

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