• 10 Steps To Great Squatting Technique

    By Chad Smith | In Squat | on August 20, 2014

    As the Juggernaut Squatapalooza rolls on, check out the first two parts of this series if you’re just tuning in: Part 1:  Setting up for a Huge Squat Part 2:  Dont Get Stapled – How to Make it Through Your Sticking Point   The squat, as with all the competitive lifts, requires great strength throughout […]

  • For Part 1:  Setting up for a Huge Squat, click here. With raw squatting, the vast majority of lifters miss the lift at relatively the same spot – just out of the hole after the stretch reflex has faded and the lifter is around the bottom 1/3 of the lift. This is usually the do-or-die […]

  • Setting up for a Huge Squat

    By Blaine Sumner | In Squat | on August 18, 2014

    Getting set up for the squat is like building the foundation of a house. It needs to be stable and secure to create something great. The setup is frequently overlooked but is vital to a massive squat. The squat setup will be broken down into two phases – the unrack and the walkout. 1.  The […]

  • This is a continuation of Derek’s series on the benefits and drawbacks of relying on individual training methodologies for improving sports performance.  You can find part I here. During the last decade powerlifting has grown significantly more influential in college athletics and professional sports, as young coaches have moved up the ladder. Meanwhile, other incredibly […]

  • Strong360 Podcast-Alex Viada

    By Juggernaut | In Endurance, Powerlifting, STRONG360 | on August 14, 2014

    Alex Viada is a hybrid athlete, a unique blend of strength and endurance, and wants to show you how aerobic training can positively impact your strength. Viada has squatted 705 raw w/ wraps and run a 4:23 mile, he is a 700 pound deadlifter and Ultramarathon runner. Alex sits down with Chad and Brandon to […]

  • This is part of an ongoing series.  To get up to speed, you may want to read or re-read the first two installments Part I Part II I always say that powerlifters could learn a lot from bodybuilders and bodybuilders could learn a lot from powerlifters.  But there are many mistakes that both groups make. […]

  • Peaking for Powerlifting

    By Michael Israetel | In Powerlifting | on August 12, 2014

    When many people begin to mess around with weights for the first time, it seems like the entire goal of the endeavor is to max out; to see ‘how much you can lift.” This approach to lifting continues longer for some than others, and has even evolved into a set of training methodologies (Westside, with […]

  • Juggernaut Football Method Overview

    By Juggernaut | In Football, STRONG360 | on August 12, 2014

    Chad Wesley Smith has helped prepare 50 athletes currently playing Division 1 football and a dozen in the NFL. Every aspect of the athletes development is accounted for within Juggernaut’ football training, from skill work, to strength, speed, movement and energy system training, a holistic approach is necessary for maximum results. Check out this preview […]

  • The Top 7 Articles of July

    By Greg Nuckols | In Training | on August 11, 2014

    Another month has come and gone, along with another month’s worth of articles to help take your strength to the next level.  Here are the top 7 from July: 1.  5 Tips to Take Your Deadlift to the Next Level – Dean Somerset snags the top spot this month with a discussion of 5 easy […]

  • Understanding Volume

    By Blaine Sumner | In Powerlifting, Training | on August 8, 2014

    INTRODUCTION There are many controlled dimensions of the strength training equation and even more uncontrollable dimensions. When laying out a program, the things we can control are intensity, frequency, sets, reps, weight (to a point), volume, and exercises. The things we cannot fully control, and have a more significant impact on our success are injuries, […]

  • Stabilizing the Scapulae for Overhead Pressing

    By Pat Davidson | In Mobility, Overhead Press | on August 6, 2014

    Ivan Abadjiev, the great Bulgarian weightlifting coach made the world take notice when his team started dominating Olympic contests and international meets during the prime of his coaching career. What was the secret to his success? Increasing the annual training volume of the contest lifts with his athletes in training. The Bulgarian training regime for […]

  • Strong360 Podcast-Episode 4

    By Juggernaut | In STRONG360 | on August 6, 2014

    In Episode 4 of the Strong360 Podcast, Chad and Brandon discuss upcoming Juggernaut events like their clinic series in Europe and the Become Unstoppable Seminar. The guys also talk about the great influx of information we have been getting from top international athletes like Klokov and Boris Sheiko and how Juggernaut plans to further build […]

  • Auto-Regulating Strength Training

    By Juggernaut | In Powerlifting, STRONG360 | on August 6, 2014

    Mike Tuchscherer is undoubtedly one of the most prolific coaches, lifters and minds in strength today. His innovative system of Perceived Rate of Exertion he utilizes to Auto-Regulate the weights used in his and his athlete’s training is a valuable tool to make sure you are working at or near your daily limits. Check out […]

  • Are you ready to take your training and coaching to a new level? Do you want to learn from the best? The Become Unstoppable Seminar 3 is coming and is going to be Juggernaut’s best event yet! Become Unstoppable Seminars (BUS) are Juggernaut’s premier events for you to learn and improve as coaches and athletes […]

  • Sometimes subtlety is overrated. I’m going to come right out and tell you why I’m writing  this article. There won’t be a twist at the end or “Aha!” moment. I’m just going to beat you over the head with it, because to be quite honest, after staring at the computer I find myself bereft of […]

  • Take What Is Useful And Leave The Rest

    By Derek Woodske | In Training | on July 31, 2014

    I have been influenced by some of the greatest strength coaches in our industry and I have also pushed back against them with the might of both my hands, not because of an intrinsic need for rebellion or antiauthoritarian tendencies, but because their systems were preventing me from winning. Allow me to explain. I was […]

  • Fueling the Cube Predator

    By Brandon Lilly | In Bench, Diet | on July 30, 2014

    For Part 1, the Cube Predator Bench Cycle, click here.  This is what you need to know if you want to fuel that level of intense training: For any mass gaining program, the simple truth is you must consume calories to lift big weights. Cube Predator is not for anyone looking for shredded abs and […]

  • Strong360 Podcast-Blaine Sumner, Episode 3

    By Juggernaut | In Powerlifting, STRONG360 | on July 30, 2014

    Chad and Brandon talk with USAPL Raw Champion Blaine Sumner about his recent championship performance, how he recovers from such high workloads, powerlifting in the Olympics and more. Blaine has PRs of 882, 529 and 765 raw and dominated the 2014 USAPL Championships in winning the SHW Class and Best Lifter Overall. Blaine is also […]

  • Building A Bigger Bench With The Cube Predator Cycle

    By Brandon Lilly | In Bench, Build Muscle | on July 29, 2014

    Sure, I know what you are thinking, why another variation of the Cube Method, and why should you care? The reason there is a new variation is because the more athletes I work with, and the more people I coach to bigger and bigger numbers, I get ideas, I try things, and I adapt ideas. […]

  • Colin Burns: USAW National Champion

    By Juggernaut | In Olympic Weightlifting | on July 25, 2014

    Colin Burns put on a tremendous performance last weekend in Salt Lake City in winning the most competitive weightclass in the country, the 94kg Men’s weightclass. Colin set a 12kg meet PR in the snatch and briefly held the American Record in snatching 167kg and followed it up with a great Clean & Jerk of […]

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